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Kingston, New York – May 7, 2019 – Democrat Lisa Cutten announced her candidacy for Comptroller of Ulster County. As a Certified Public Accountant and career government finance professional, Lisa Cutten will deliver true independent oversight of more than $350 million dollars that flows through the County coffers each year.

Cutten said: “The Comptroller has a small staff but a very big job.” There is no more important job than guaranteeing that taxpayer money is used to serve the people. Cutten has a proven record of stopping fraud, waste and abuse.

In this critical time of change in County government leadership, Lisa Cutten offers a steady hand for the County agency charged with reliable financial information and analysis. Her knowledge of Ulster County operations and audit experience — in and out of the Comptroller’s office — guarantee that she can get the job done. Lisa Cutten’s current role with the County is Ulster County Director of Accountability, Compliance & Efficiency where she has served since 2014. Previously, she served as the Deputy Budget Director of Ulster County, Senior Auditor in Ulster County Comptroller’s Office, Ulster County Auditor, Comptroller for towns of Poughkeepsie and Fishkill, and Kingston City Treasurer. Ms. Cutten is a resident of Kingston.

Comptroller Candidate Cutten said “I am looking forward to discussing the value the Comptroller can have for the voters and taxpayers of Ulster County. The opportunity to have a direct voice, accountable directly to the people, and to use the skills developed over my career to deliver real results for the people of the County is very exciting. This is not a stepping stone for me. I did not jump into the accountability business because there was an opening. I have been working toward this chance to serve the people in this capacity for years. The voters will have a clear choice this year. They will need to decide who they want to be their eyes and ears; who they want looking out for their money; who has the best chance of delivering results for them. I am that person.”

Contact: (845) 417-4098