Ward 5

Bill Carey

Alderman Bill Carey in the Council chambers

Bill Carey was born in Kingston and is a lifelong resident of Ward 5 (previously Ward 13).  He is married to Mary Loughran and has two wonderful children (young adults), Mackenzie and Alex.

Bill graduated from SUNY Albany in 1983, worked for Metropolitan Life (later United Health Care) and Anaconda Sports (now BSN Sports.)  His work experience includes customer service, data analysis, training, preparing budgets, sales and marketing.  He has been an Alderman since 2012, served as the Chairman of the Public Safety/General Government Committee and served as Majority Leader.

As a sports enthusiast/fanatic, Bill strongly believes in the power of people working together for the good of everyone.  He has always believed in Kingston and always will.  Kingston is on an upswing and he realizes we may never bring the kind of single employer that can change our economy overnight, but small business should be the backbone of our country and city.  As we continue to bring in more complementary businesses and grow tourism to new heights, Kingston will prosper again.  Our reliance on people, not corporations will better sustain us in the long run.  Simply said, the future is bright, and Bill looks forward to continue working with people who help make a difference.


(845) 339-1361
101 Hoffman Street