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Mayor Steve Noble


Steven T. Noble
(845) 334-3902
Fax (845) 334-3904
420 Broadway
Kingston, New York 12401

In Kingston, a full time Mayor serves as Chief Executive Officer. The mayoral term is four years. As the top elected official, the Mayor oversees operation of the City, reviewing departmental specifics with all department heads. He is responsible for the annual City budget which is presented to the Common Council for its review in October of each calendar year. He also appoints commissioners or board members who serve either in a policy setting or advisory capacity. The City Charter names the Mayor as President of the Police, Fire, Public Works and Water Boards. As such, he is entitled to chair these commissions. The Charter also dictates that he deliver his Mayor’s message to the Common Council each year on January 1. The message is, in essence, a state of the City address, outlining the accomplishments of his administration the preceding year and defining his plans for the upcoming year. While not mandated, it is expected that he will use his office to set the ground work for development of the projects he sets forth.

The Mayor can submit proposed legislation to the Common Council for referral to the appropriate Committee for their consideration and he has the power to veto any legislation it passes when he deems it not in the best interest of the City. This power is rarely used since most issues are explored and discussed prior to the final legislative step.

The Mayor is often invited to participate in community events and to contribute his time and efforts to their success. While such activities tend to be voluntary, it is to his advantage and that of the City when he uses a hands on approach that keeps him informed and aware of the concerns and interests of his constituency. An average business day finds the Mayor meeting with officials from other government agencies (i.e.- the County, the State, etc.), City employees, taxpayers who seek his intervention and/or advice and those who simply want to discuss a matter they feel would be of interest to him. Many meetings are held during the evening, thus he is often required to be at his desk for 10 to 12 hours a day.

2017 State of the City Address