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Feb. 1, 2018 Message from Kingston Mayor Steve Noble

“When I first announced that I was running for Mayor, I was warned by many people that by stepping into the world of politics, I was opening myself up to an incredible level of attention and scrutiny. Even with those persistent warnings, I ran for office anyway because I saw a City that needed different leadership and an opportunity to change the way we did things here. I have never regretted this decision and am grateful every day for your support and the progress we are making together.

We are making meaningful, long-lasting change. But for some, change is scary. It threatens what they know and how things “have always been”, and soon enough, the issues get lost in the fear. A year after declaring Kingston a welcoming and inclusive city, I am still receiving hate mail. I have watched as individuals have manipulated budgetary numbers to fit their narrative and to stoke fears of financial crisis. I have been condemned for advocating for good, quality housing that is accessible and affordable for all. I know what I signed up for and I gladly and proudly serve in this position because I know that we are doing what is right. We are working too hard on issues that matter to be dragged down by hate and ignorance.

Recently, malicious rumors about me have been heavily circulated. While I have grown accustomed to hearing my name thrown into outlandish gossip, the most recent set of rumors referred to those whom I hold most dear, including my wife, son and father. My family didn’t sign up for this. They have loved me and supported me, and by doing so, they have empowered me to do a lot of good in our community. They are my foundation. They are your neighbors. Please treat them with the kindness and respect that they deserve.

Do not let fear or anger smother our city into darkness when our city is meant to shine bright. This is our moment and we are going to keep moving forward.”