Ward 9

Andrea Shaut

Alderwoman Andrea Shaut in Council chambers

Andrea Shaut is a lifelong resident of the Kingston area and is humbled to serve as Alderwoman of Ward 9 in Kingston.  As a successful freelance musician, Andrea serves as pianist for the West Point Military Academy Glee Club, maintains a private piano teaching studio, co-leads The Kazz Music Orchestra, an award-winning wedding band, and does extensive freelance performing throughout Kingston.  “I view the discipline I’ve learned as a musician as one of my greatest assets.  I’ve proved over and over that when I put my mind towards something I’m able to get great results, and I credit much of that to my musical training.”

Andrea’s community involvement centers around her leadership of several local activist groups, including Kingston PINS (“Peace is Not Silent”), which is a group that hosts gatherings around current events and issues, and Young Women of Kingston, which is a new forum for young Kingston women to have their voices heard and to discuss challenges facing women in society.

Andrea’s values center strongly around being open-minded, standing up for equal rights, racial justice, and women’s rights, supporting local small businesses, safeguarding the environment, and helping the Kingston arts community to thrive.  Andrea has been using her music and activism to partner with small businesses to continuously support the local community that she loves, and she is honored to be the voice of Ward 9 to further reach more residents and businesses.