Ward 3

Rennie Scott-Childress

Majority Leader Rennie Scott-Childress in Council chambers

Reynolds “Rennie” Scott-Childress is the Alderman for Ward 3 in the City of Kingston and took over as Majority Leader for the Common Council on Jan. 9, 2018.  He has been involved in civic activities from coaching youth soccer to rail-trail cleanups to teaching disadvantaged students.  He served on the Kingston Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee from its inception.  As an Alderman, he sits on the Finance and the Laws and Rules Committees.  Appointed to the Council in 2016 to fill a vacancy, Scott-Childress has worked to reduce the costs of City government, enhance city services through targeted spending, improve economic opportunities, reduce tax rates for both home- and business owners, and develop amenities that will further support Kingston’s continuing progress toward becoming a healthy, appealing, and welcoming city.  He has been a professor of history at SUNY New Paltz since 2005.


(845) 616-3687
2 Lounsbury Place